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SCUM Patch!

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SCUM Patch !

- Level Design Bug fixes. (The slits and holes in landscapes are patched up now, maybe not all but the ones you found, and many more)

- Fixed bug with item drop not working properly when dragged to vicinity widget

- Fixed client hang when entering event related to quick access (This was a potential crash)

- Increased stone auto destruct range and timer

- Main weapons will now auto assign to first two quick access bar slots

- Adjusted kill notification alignment

- Fixed bug where prisoner would die after logging-in and was drunk in
the previous game session. (Hangover ain't a thing anymore)

- Disabled stamina consumption/recovery modifiers while action is executing (No running and punching anymore)

- Added new ACOG

- Updated and fixed AK47 weapon animations

- Sentry Net Cull distance set to 500 meters (Sentry renders up to 500m now)

- Enlarged Danger areas around TV bases (Mechs gonna shoot sooner)

- Reduced sentry mechanics attenuation - Increased attenuation of sentry
warning voice (The "zip-zap" "cling-clang" sound is lower, the "I will
murder your face" sound is higher)

- New localization imported for RU and GE

-Reworked spawn on teammate mechanic - instead of spawning on your teammate, the
game now looks for the predetermined sector spawn points and picks the
one that's closest to your teammate. (You won't have to run for hours,
but you also won't spawn within a few seconds)

- Examine from context menu will now switch to the crafting panel

- Disabled radio station (This one is for our youtuber folks)

- Fixed server crash that occurs when a player that isn't participating
in an event kills a player that is. (You know the thing that messed up
your good moments)

- Applied linear fall of volume for in-game voice chat (Imagine someone sliding down a big watter slide and shouting
"weeee" and how he goes silent until a big "SPLASH")

- Boar has charge attack now

- Sentry changes light color when warning expires

- Melee combat mode is disabled if sprinting but attack will be executed

Added chat box, area chat for 200m radius, also a global chat. Open the chat
box with "T", and use tab to switch between global and local chat.

Plase keep in mind that bugs, and crashes still might occur.


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