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And as promised, here are the patch notes! If your bug/problem is not listed as fixed below, remember that some of them need more testing and
will be fixed in one of the upcoming patches. We have seen all of your
problems and have to ask for a bit more patience from your side until we
can respond to everything. In the meantime:

- Server optimizations.

- Improved server browser sorting.

- Fixed server list overflow glitch - Added throbber icon for servers that havent been pinged yet.

- When server is full or server password is incorrect, client should display meaningful error message now.

- Disabled spectator mode in shipping builds (F10).

- Bird ambient sounds improved in realism and placed in space around player.

- Fixed issue when metal footstep sound was played if player equipe metal scrap.

- Fixing landscape bugs.

- Enabled commit suicide from ESC menu.

- Editing Player start locations, they are not too close to the wall anymore so your head gets insta blown up.

- Fixed Problem with Crafting: you can now craft Metal spear.

- Egg can't be eaten infinite amount of times anymore.

- Tweaked nutrition gains from crafting / cooking proportionally to ingredient weight.

- Fixed an issue where Oculus was selected as the primary audio output.

And more to come! And again, if you don't see any update, restart your Steam!


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