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11/09/2018 08:04 Message non lu

[justify]We are glad to see you around, and we want to say welcome to our growing community. First of all, you have to wait to be a part of the "New survivor" group on the forum to post your application. We take a real concern on the privacy of our users, and their application is not shared to the rest of the world publicly. Only choosen members can see it.

First of all, read the following link on the forum : It will give you some hints on how to applicate to the server.

Again, feel free at any time to open a new thread in public section and ask your questions.

You have to be registered to see the application section on the forum. And
remember, there is french and english section, but that's not a reason
to stay far from french/english in-game ! Please, feel free to discover
peoples, and share enjoyable moments with each others !

You read everything and feel ready to applicate ?

Ok. We will need you to do it like this :

Open a new Application Thread with this title : [AGE] Nickname, remember to post in the good language section !

In this thread, you will have to present yourself off course, but add
some extras, like why you are interested into a closed community, what
you are looking after in this game...

Please, be creative.

I wish you a good application, and may the Z be with you.


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